Bri & Si

July 2019

Tell us a little bit about Bri & Si

Based on the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, Bri & Si is the electronic dance music project of producers Brian & Simon.

Formed in 2018 our original compositions are an energetic and eclectic mix of dance music styles which include Progressive, House and Techno, among others.

So far this year we have played shows across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, along with a number of International dates.

For the rest of the year we will continue to play live shows across Australia and South East Asia, whilst preparing material for our upcoming releases.

Who is your favourite producer?

My current favourite producers are the guys from ARTBAT.

What piece of studio equipment is a necessity for you, and why?

We put together all of our songs in Logic Pro, which is a digital audio workstation, so I would have to say it is that.

What advice can you give aspiring DJ's, producers or promoters?

Hard work is everything, and you need to be self motivated and prepared to put yourself out there. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

UK Garage or Gabba Techno?

Am by no means an expert on either, but if push comes to shove, I'd say UK Garage.