Anthony Pappa

December 2019

Congratulations on your recent signing to Origin Presents for your overseas bookings. You have taken your record box far and wide, where have you found the best crowds and why?


The best crowds that l have played to are in Argentina and Ibiza. There are loads of great clubs in both places. What makes it special is the knowledgeable crowd and the atmosphere which are second to none.

You must have had a few experiences travelling to gigs; can you tell us your best or worst travel experience?


I have been fortunate to see and experience many countries and cultures and meet like minded people who have a love and passion for the music, club culture and for what l do.

Worst experience, which does happen from time to time, flight delays or flight being cancelled due to bad weather and letting people down that were waiting to see you at the next gig.


It is on record that you have been called “the best DJ, technically”. With so many DJ equipment options around now what has been the best setup for you to work your magic?


I work with 2 or 3 Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 players and a Pioneer DJM900NXS2 Mixer. I don’t use any sync buttons or mixed in key programs. I do it all manually as for me that is my craft and skill as a DJ.


And is there an item of studio equipment that that is a must-have for your production?


For everything from studio productions to arranging my music to DJ it would have to be my Mac Book Pro.


What can we expect from Anthony Pappa in 2020 and beyond?


Very excited for what’s ahead in 2020. After 3 years of recovering from a very serious car accident which l broke both legs my right arm and back. It’s a huge personal achievement to be returning to do what l love again. Studio productions and Worldwide touring is all happening in 2020.

For What You Dream Of or Heaven Scent?


Definitely For What You Dream Of.